Additional functionality with a Yardstick account

An Environmental Yarstick account offers extended and additional functionality: 

-       Calculation of Environmental Impact Points (EIP) for an unlimited number of pesticides

-       Easy export of input data and Yardstick results to Excel format

-       Downloads of pesticides overviews

-       A summary of recent changes of the Environmental Yardstick, such as newly added pesticides and recent changes in environmental impact points.


Subsribers are required to sign the Environmental Yardstick End User License agreement. Links to our subscription page and Terms of use are provided below. Users may provide an accountname and password of their choice. After signing the Environmental Yardstick End User License agreement, the account is activated.


Subscription fees are differentiated based on the nature of intended use. CLM offers non-commercial users such as NGO's or educational institutions an account at a discount rate. Also individual farmers, although commercial parties, pay a reduced fee because we believe they too should have access to a Environmental Yardstick user account. In the table below the characteristics of each account type are summarized.


Unlimited number 

of pesticides

Max. # exports per year Summary of recent changes

Price (per year, excl.VAT)

Individual farmer yes 4 yes € 50
Commercial use yes 50 yes € 2.250

Standard and custom-made summaries or exports, such as overviews of the environmental impact points of registered crop protecion products per country may be delivered on request. Depending in the amount of work, an additonal fee may be charged for custom-made summaries or overviews.


Unlicenced use of the Environmental Yardstick account data is not permitted.


Combined Subscriptions

The Environmental Yardstick aside, CLM offers two other online Yardstick tools: the GAIA Biodiversity Yardstick and the Climate Yardstick (since 2012 offered in cooperation with Cool Farm Tool). Users subscribing to all three Yardsticks recieve a 20% discount on the total subscription fee.


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Ownership and copyright

CLM Yardstick is a registered trademark in the Benelux countries, and exclusive ownership of CLM. The content of the Yardstick tools is protected under Dutch and international copyright law. Other than personal use, it is not permitted to reproduce, store on an electronic device, incorporate in another modelling tool, or publish the Yardstick tools, or part thereof, without express written permission of CLM.

If one or more of these conditions are violated, CLM will charge the use of the Yardstick tools according to the corresponding rate.


Read or download the Terms of Use for CLM Yardsticks (pdf)



CLM tools are based on state of the art scientific knowledge. CLM and its partners continuously strive to keep the Yardsticks up to date and accurate. However, the models remain a approximation of reality. CLM does not accept any liability for any damages that might occur in applying the information produced by the Environmental Yardstick.